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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#SickLovin, Yummy Bowl of Skittles, Mothership Miss and More

Do you see McLovin's two little girls
under there anywhere?
If you’re a fan of The Dan Patrick Show, then you admire the turn of a word. Yes, McLovin, true to his word, decided not to come in today although he was able to do what he does on the show at home – sit in a chair and watch Dan. The email he sent to Dan the night before explaining his absence today even included the word cough in parenthesis. Really?!? He did call in to gain sympathy. None given. He was actually doing the show a favor by staying home today. A little return to the way things used to be before he joined the show was a breath of freshness. He vowed to Dan that he’ll be in tomorrow.  Do you think McLovin is as dramatic at home 
as he is on the show?  Heaven help his wife if he is.

New Stuff in the Man Cave

Thank you Red Hook - The tap for Dan and the Danettes new ale is sick!

Sick as in rad, not sick as in McLovin.

Sweet !

Bam! Nice combo piece – South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney’s gloves and chin strap worn at the time of "the hit" in the Outback Bowl. No word from Michigan if Vincent Smith will be sending in the same items for a matched set.

Socks are the thing – Marcus Lattimore sent in a grouping: socks, a headband and his gear bag from his last healthy game at South Carolina.

The collection of random memorabilia continues to entertain us all.

Yummy Bowl of Skittles

I like the green ones
Back in the eighties, Dan visited the clubhouse of a National League team. On a table, out in the open, in a side room to the main lockerroom was a fish bowl of what appeared to be something candy like, like Skittles, M&Ms or Jolly Ranchers where you could just reach in and grab a handful. When Dan asked "What's this?", he learned that it was actually a bowl of "greenies" a.k.a. amphetamines available for open consumption. Alright, he got it.  They're not legal, but it wasn't something that was going to change your physical appearance.  They were considered more of a temporary alertness helper.  Is that any worse than what you may find in a clubhouse today – Red Bull, Monster, 5 Hour Energy or any of the other "pick me ups" anyone can buy anywhere? Just asking.

           Chris in Syracuse

Hope things work out for you soon!
You’ve asked before, and here’s the latest: Paulie was in contact with Chris. He’s got stuff going on at home but he’s doing ok. He’s listening, but can’t take part in the show. Dan, the Danettes and everyone concerned will be happy to have him back when he’s able. Miss you Chris! 

Mothership Miss
The good, the bad, it's ugly
To no surprise, ESPN got it wrong again.  They issued an apology to Katherine Webb for what Brent Musburger said during the BCS Championship game when she didn’t expect or want one.  Yet when Steven A. Smith uses a racial slur on air there’s no apology.  Continue on with your inconsistent consistency.




  1. I'll let you in on a secret: nobody misses Chris in Syracuse aka the man with a mouthful of hot soup. 'Yeeeeaaaaahhh theeeanks Deeeaaan I just wanna weeeeeigh in on the poll question.'

    SHUT UP. NOW. This sycophant has added nothing original or clever in the whole of his participation. His neurotic quest to be on the show every single day is's right up there with Howard Stern stalker-callers. I'm not sure where it became written that he should be included every day. Unfortunately he's given rise to other stalker-callers like Sven, Shea et al. This clique is annoying and a little sad since they passively-aggressively demand to be part of the show so frequently. Fritzy mock headlines? Funny because of the potential for disaster and reproach. Caller mock headlines? Lame - and that applies to the caller as well as the headlines.

    In short - stay off the air Chris. Our listening experience is enhanced as a result.

  2. you're a moron. Chris is the original "5th Dannette". the other Dannettes and Dan himself would be dissapointed in reading your comment